✧*。 PienAge No.03 Berry from Pinkicon 。*✧

Hi everyone ! ♥

I received No.03 Berry by PienAge sponsored by Pinkicon yesterday ! ~

I was super excited because they're my first brown circle lenses. 

Base curve ♥ 8.6mm
Diameter ♥ 14mm
Water content ♥ 38%
Duration ♥ 1 Day

Shipping/package : ★★★★★
The package took one week to arrive from China to France. 
(so that's perfect !)
As usual the package was VERY stiff and safely wrapped !

The packaging is so pretty !! I love the design and the 
colors, the little ribbon makes it super elegant, 
really a pretty and pleasing packaging c: 

Communication : ★★★★★
Pinkicon are always very kind and quick to answer c:

Design/Comfort : ★★★★☆
The colors looks like chocolate, this is so nice, I really like it. 
The natural color of the eye is still very visible, but it looks lovely
on green eyes ! Though I don't know how it would look on blue eyes ?
And on brown/black eyes it will give a very nice chocolate color
and a lovely enlargement ( ^ - ^ ) They are comfortable !

They work well for "cosplay" and for a more natural look as well c:

Remember, if you want to purchase anything from Pinkicon, you can use
the discount code A24680000, you will get $5 off ! 

Thank you for reading ! Let me know what you think of them in
the comments ! ( ^ u ^ )


✧*。 Naturali Charming Green from Pinkicon 。*✧

Naturali Charming Green sponsored by Pinkicon ♥~

Base Curve ♥ 8.7mm
Diameter ♥ 14.20mm
Water Content ♥ 38%
Duration ♥ 1 day

Hii !

Like the Fairy Princess Violet, Naturali Charming Green daily circle
lenses come in a little box with 10 circle lenses (so 5 pairs)

Design/Comfort : ★★★★★

They are very comfortable !~ The color is nice and natural. My eyes are
already green so it enhances the color and gives kind of a dolly eye effect
 because of the dark contour. They blend super well with my natural color.

As you can see it looks very natural !

On those picture I am wearing the circle lenses, it makes very pretty eyes,
but I'm sure my family and friends wouldn't notice the circle lenses ! 

However I can't imagine how it would look on dark eyes. I guess it
would give a nice and discreet green contour !

That's it ! I really love them (*´ ∇ `*)


✧*。 Fairy Princess Violet from Pinkicon 。*✧

Fairy Princess Violet sponsored by Pinkicon ! ♥

Base Curve ♥ 8.7mm
Diameter ♥ 14.0mm
Water Content ♥ 38%
Duration ♥ 1 day

Hi hi ♥

These are my first daily circle lenses. You have 10 circle lenses
in the box, so for 5 days ! You just have to open it, take the 
circle lenses and put it in your eyes c: At the end of the day,
you have to throw them away. 

Design/Comfort : ★★★★★

They are SO comfortable ! (or maybe it's because I'm getting
used to circle lenses haha !) I really didn't notice any discomfort c:

Compared to my other violet circle lenses that didn't blend
very well with my natural eye color (green), those blend much
better ! The last picture are the GEO Angel Violet, and before
the Fairy Princess Violet.

You can tell the different right ! Fairy Princess Violet blend very well.

The color and the design are not the same, but if you have green eyes
and want violet circle lenses, I would go for the Fairy Princess. 

But I think the GEO Angel Violet would look AWESOME on dark eyes !

I would love to take better pictures soon (I'm so lame these days!)
Because those circle lenses are great ! c:  The color is lovely and they
feel super comfortable, I'm so sad I only have 4 pairs left ! ; ^ ;

If you want to purchase anything from Pinkicon use the discount code


✧*。 GEO Angel Series CM-831 Violet from Pinkicon 。*✧

Hi guys ! 

is an online shop who sells circle lenses, 
wigs, fake eye lashes, makeup and skin care ! 

They sent 3 different circle lenses to me. I am going to make 3 separated reviews, but I received everything in the same package ! I don't want to present the package in all the reviews so I am going to do it only in this one (๑•ᴗ•๑)

Here is what I received : 

 A bubble envelope quite rigid ! 

Base Curve ♥ 8.6mm
Diameter ♥ 14.5mm
Water Content ♥ 38%
Duration ♥  12 months

Shipping/package : ★★★★☆
The package was very stiff, with bubble wrap inside,
so it's perfect ! There were the 3 circle lenses, 
2 prospectus, a notice (in japanese) and the 
summary of the order printed ! No lens case :(

Communication : ★★★★★
They're very kind and reply quickly c:

Design/Comfort : ★★★☆☆
They are very comfortable, the color is nice (if you are not
looking for something natural !) but much darker than the picture on 
the website. Sadly it doesn't look great on green eyes. I think it would 
look 10 times better on brown, dark eyes ! Or even blue eyes.
The design just can't blend with the natural color of the eye.

Close up :

The natural color of the eye is pretty visible when you 
are close. But from far away I think it's okay ! 

In my opinion these circle lenses are really lovely, 
and they would definitely look great on dark eyes !

Thank you Pinkicon !


✧*。 Necklaces from Rosegal Review 。*✧

Hi hi ♥

Today I received the last prices from the Fashionista Contest of 
hana-hisaishi ! (thank you so much again!)

They are both from Rosegal

It does look like the storage picture, but in reality it looks really,
really cheap. Of course the pearls are not real ones, but here you
can say thaaaat is obviously plastic !

I didn't know how to wear it, close to the neck or not. So I tried both !

I like the idea of the big pearls and of the ribbon, but I'm not conviced by
the necklace itself. Of course the pearl look false, but also how I wear
it maybe ? Hmm I don't know !... Anyway  the ribbon is really soft 
so it was nice to wear. 

You can already see on the storage picture that some fabric
exceeds a little everywhere. As you can see, I had to cut
it so it'd look cleaner.

I wasn't expecting something as big, but well !... For me it would
look a lot better if it was smaller. 

Moreover, it is very unpleasant to wear. I never wore something so itchy, 
I couldn't keep it for more than 5 minutes !

I will try to do something about that, because the shape of this
necklace is very interesting ( ・ω・)

And that's it ! 

Thank you for reading ! ♥


✧*。 Personal Mahou Review 。*✧

Hi everyone !

I couldn't wait to make this review for Personal Mahou !! 

See, this cutie creates great original designs and paint them
on T-shirts. 

The "Be Magical" T-shirt is quite special ! It is
the one I am going to review. You 
can ask for your own, personalized character !

" Handmade. Customizable design. 
You can change and choose 
everything, including the 
character's expression, clothes, 
colours and posture. Also you can 
change the background, adding 
all that you wanted. "

I asked for a personalized one, I asked her to draw me~

But you can ask for anything else, it is your choice !

She asked me few questions about myself and what I like,
and created an amazing character from it !

For example I said that I liked strawberry, so the character wears
a strawberry dress ! (how adorable is that ; w ; ?!)

It is very personalized, she is very, very sweet and nice and listening 
to what you want, because she wants to create the perfect Tshirt for you !

So here is what I received today :

It was in a bubble envelope, packed to protect the T-shirt.

You will receive not only the T-shirt, but also the original drawing !

Of course, because of the travel, the paper of the 
drawing was a little damaged. 
I cut the drawing and stuck it to a new paper, because I want to keep it
and use it as decoration ! ; w ;

The drawing is not printed on a T-shirt, she really paints on the T-shirt !
So the colors can change a little, but I think it is amazing !!

I took a lot of close-up pictures, so you can see the (amazing art skills) details !

And here are some pictures of me wearing it : 

The T-shirt is super comfy, I chose size M. It is very very soft and fluid,
not like some other T-shirts that are quite stiff.

I am sooo happy with it and I think the idea of personalized T-shirts amazing and perfect ! But all the other designs are also super awesome !

Please please take the time to check out this shop, it is totally worh it !

Thank you for reading !~